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I love a fabulous Spring – especially when it leads to a magnificent June!  When the April rains have led to plentiful May flowers … and now fabulously lush and green June gardens.  It’s still cool enough to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather during the day, and the incredible evenings outdoors.  What a fabulous time for an outdoor wedding!

I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs, and ran across this amazing inspiration board on Snippet & Ink, inspired by the book “The Secret Garden.”  Could it be more perfect?  I just had to share it with you.

All via Snippet and Ink – Inspiration Board #10:  The Secret Garden

These are the days that I dream about, that inspire me and allow me to create incredibly romantic garden weddings.  One can only imagine that magic and love can be found right around the corner in lush gardens, hidden fences and secret paths.  The pale lilacs of the flowers and the cool celery hues create a perfect color palette for this wedding, and the added touch of crystals, ruffles and lace are fitting touches.  The ambiance is cool, yet warm and intimate.  Certainly one to serve as a fabulous backdrop for love and memories on your special day!

Here’s a great tip:  I love serving ice cold lemonade with a sprig of lavender.  Not only does it look beautiful, but it also takes the drink to an entirely different level of chic and elegance.

Enjoy this long Memorial Day weekend!


Not quite back into the “work mode” … we’re definitely taking things outdoors today!  The sun is shining, 85 degrees – ok, so it’s a bit humid! – and we’re working from the rooftop!  Not bad for a Tuesday!

Enjoy the weather!

Have an exceptional day!


What an amazing experience!  From the very first evening we arrived, we were pampered and experienced the “Luxury Included” that Sandals is known for.  This “Jewel of the South” is truly that … a unique resort set in a 500 acre nature reserve, along a 2 mile long alabaster beach with blue waters as far as the eye can see.  The lush tropical foliage and natural wildlife – such as my amazing experience with the peacock! – are fantastic.  But, you really need to see it to truly appreciate it.

During our stay, we were able to experience and see many of the details that the new Weddings by Martha Stewart at Sandals has to offer.  Martha has designed 7 unique and fabulous wedding experiences for Sandals’ brides and grooms.  Everything from a “Seaside Serenade” theme – featuring muted aquas and corals – to a “Chic and Natural” theme – featuring a simplistic, natural tablesetting incorporating river rock and natural elements.  Our first evening we were “guests” at a wedding dinner with beautiful orchids and white linens.  The china and glassware were beautiful, as were the custom-designed, orchid=graced menus.  Needless to say, the dinner itself was amazing – seafood puff pastry and beef tenderloin to name just a few courses!

The next day we toured the resort and were treated to a viewing of many of the incredible wedding venues.  They all were unique, and all were beautiful.  The ceremony decor was beautiful as well … and each coordinated with the “wedding experience” theme that was chosen.  (We were even lucky enough to see a real wedding with a gorgeous bride!)  At lunchtime, we viewed a complete “Seaside Serenade” tabletop setting – gorgeous!  And, so refreshing!  Perfect for this island setting!

Last night’s dinner was also truly fabulous – a candlelit dinner on the beach – an example of what a typical Rehearsal Dinner would be here at Sandals.  We were treated to a steel drum band and a bonfire on the beach.  (Though marshmallows were promised for our next visit … and for future guest bonfires!)  It was a perfect evening – a half moon, tons of stars, and clear skies.  And, while I shared the evening with the Eve-nts Girls and other bridal consultants, I could only imagine what it would have been like to share it with the one you love … it was so romantic.

A “shout out” goes to our hosts: Natalee, the Wedding Manager – a woman who truly loves to create romance and make couples’ dreams come true; Glendon, the Sales Manager, who is eager to please his guests’ every whim; and Patrick Drake, the General Manager, who is responsible for the amazing staff at the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Resort.

Whether it’s a destination wedding, an anniversary celebration or a much-needed vacation, you will certainly enjoy this exceptional resort!

So, as we get ready to board the place …

Whatever you do, make it exceptional!


Another day in paradise!  Started the morning with a blended coffee from the Cafe de Paris, while strolling on the piazza. Could there be a better way to begin the day?!  A surprise encounter with a peacock answered that question.  He was so beautiful!  Amazing!

Each Thursday, the French village beach is transformed into the Village Fete, a huge beachside Jamaican party, featuring Jerk BBQ, beach volleyball and watersports.  Of course, the party isn’t complete without some Reggae music and cocktails!  I was amazed by what was offered and how much fun the day was.  Not bad for a “typical” Thursday!

We return to Minneapolis tomorrow … wonder if there will be a steel drum band playing in my office???